Benefits of using an external design agency vs an in-house team in 2021

By: EmmaDesigner, Site Scientist

Posted: May 10th, 2021 In: Branding , Design , SEO , Web Design

Benefits of using an external design agency vs an in-house team in 2021

If you currently have an in-house design team but think your branding and marketing collateral could do with a little shake up, perhaps it’s time to look outside the box.

There are pros and cons with everything, so we’ll explore the key aspects of using an in-house team versus sourcing an independent graphic design agency (like us!) who will help evolve your marketing, brand and web presence.

1. Cutting corners, cutting costs…

In 2008, with the crash of the economy, bringing a design team in-house was a budget-friendly way of creating marketing materials, since it excluded third-party agency costs.

Time is money…

Cutting costs when it comes to design and marketing, for example hiring a junior for the work, will rarely pay off. If you’re considering building your in-house team by bringing in juniors, your design heads will have to spend their time training new starters and less time focussed on creative output.

Rather than cut costs here and there and spending time (and money) fixing amateur mistakes, it’s perhaps more beneficial to swallow a third-party agency’s costs and know your design work is in safe, professional hands.

Consider that you’ll be saving money on salaries by choosing to use an independent full-service agency for your design and marketing requirements.

2. Push. Win. Survive.

Now, with the after effects of COVID, times are challenging and, if you had a well-oiled design team machine, it may have since broken apart. At this time, you may be considering reducing your marketing spend but, now more than ever, you will need to push your marketing efforts, win new business and survive these tricky times.

If your business is booming, congratulations! Keep in mind not to let your marketing efforts fall behind. An outsourced agency will work with you to help build upon your marketing strategy and encourage ongoing fruitful results, without compromising the efforts of your in-house team.

2. Building relationships…

An in-house team should know and understand your brand better than anyone, which is a huge advantage. An internal team encourages mutual understanding and respect for your brand, ensuring the roll-out of customer and client-facing communications are careful and consistent.

Additionally, an independent, full-service graphic design agency, like Site Scientist, will support your business and marketing plans and be a valuable extension of your team.

Site Scientist external design agency

3. Investing in an outsourced design agency…

An external design team should be a solid investment to your business and doesn’t need to be a replacement for your current in-house team. They can help revitalise your branding and marketing campaigns following competitor and market analysis of your company/sector.

4. Time for a refreshing change…

Independent creative communications agencies are not here to take over from your internal team, but to compliment your existing resources, bringing with them fresh ideas to create a lasting impression.

Maybe your company's branding and communications are becoming a little stale, safe and repetitive.

By using only an in-house design team, the creative freedom and energy which an outsourced, unrestrained design agency could bring to a business, may be suppressed.

If you have a special project to be produced, your in-house team will not likely have the time and focus to spend on it alongside their general, daily workload.

5. External agencies will deliver projects efficiently and effectively…

With clear KPI’s, goals and objectives, handing the meatier projects over to an external agency who will be engineered to handle larger-scale, ‘specialist’ projects (e.g. SEO / CRO audits, website and brand refreshes, brochures, seasonal promotions or trade-show collateral) will prove highly beneficial in turning your pondering potential buyers into high-yielding clients.

6. An initial consultation won’t cost you a penny… hooray!

At Site Scientist, we are a friendly and personable team eager to chat with you about your design requirements. We pride ourselves in listening to our client’s needs and working with them to get great results. So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch today!

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