Directors & Management



Managing Director

Ben is the founder and backbone of Site Scientist, bringing almost two decades of professional experience to designing and building functional, creative and conversion driven websites without compromising the aesthetics.

With a flair for balancing technical analysis and engaging design, Ben’s professional skills predominantly focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) utilising his graphic design talents.

With his personable approach, Ben is often the initial contact for our potential clients and looks forward to discussing your website requirements with you soon!





Emma joined Site Scientist as our lead designer following a successful early career as a graphic designer at a boutique branding and photographic consultancy.

With a First-class BA Graphic Design (Hons) degree, great enthusiasm and appreciation for all aspects of art and design, Emma is a highly-valued member of the our team.

Her particular field of expertise lies in the creation and roll-out of brands across a variety of applications; visualising and reworking designs to fit their intended purpose (be it print or on-screen), ensuring consistency across the brand.



Marketing Manager

Amy brings her integral wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing to Site Scientist, following her merited career achievements, including Head of Marketing and Marketing Executive at a number of distinguished global companies.

Her skillset includes the creation and nurturing of partnerships through B2C and B2B. We welcome her experience and expertise to Site Scientist in the development and delivering of strategic marketing communication projects.

She is our marketing strategy whizz and is ready to work on your next marketing move!